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Tailor made solutions for indoor and outdoor lighting, as well as public furniture and related products, municipality focused

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Environmentally friendly solutions to match nowadays needs for low-cost, low-maintenance lighting. Green light, anywhere, any time

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Government Consulting projects with strong focus on dynamic solutions for growing and in process of development regions

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If your idea is feasible, we’ll set it for you
At Advanced Lighting we have a team of knowledgeable people and a wide range of lighting Systems and related products, with one major vocation; To be your Lead Designer

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Comprehensive range of Products
“Utonde Bridge, Equatorial Guinea. This lighting project is actually considered as the reference quality standard for local modern lighting. 8m double ATP assembles with Metropoli-Plus luminaries”

By Proteco
“Specialized lighting at a petrochemical plant in Rabat, Morocco with ATP ENUR luminaries“

Project by Alubang
“Lighting a private residential area downtown Moscow. GLOBO luminaries by Advanced Lighting”

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